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56sqm 2 Bed Twinskin Log House

Product image 56sqm 2 Bed Twinskin log house

56sqm, 8.5m x 6.5m 2 Bedroom Twinskin Log House

This log house initially started as a custom project for one of our customers. They came to us with a set pf plans and asked if we could make it - the answer being yes (we make many custom buildings as required by our customers). This log home has-

  • A large, well lit entrance hallway
  • Kitchen / diner (about 16 square metres)
  • 2 double bedrooms
  • Bathroom

Other big feature of this cabin (and all of out other cabins) is the high ceiling which adds to the feeling of space through the house.

Log Cabin 56sqm 2 Bed Twinskin log house Available Options

  Product image 56 sqm Twinskin log house 45-45mm logs (8.5m x 6.5m)

Model 9239-8565-4545-23s

Full Cabin Spec >>>
Now From £47,747.93
  Product image 56sq m Lillehammer log house 60mm twinskin logs

Model 9239-8565-6060-23s

Full Cabin Spec >>>
Now From £57,788.88
  Product image 56 sqm 70+70mm Twinskin Log house (8.5mx6.5m)

Model 9239-8565-7070-23s

Full Cabin Spec >>>
Now From £63,722.96

Log houses are both economic and enviromentally friendly. Our twinskins are ideal for a stand alone house, a granny annexe or a teenagers home from home.

Add our steel chassis base kit and it qualifies as a fully compliant mobile home.