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Twin Skin Insulated Log Cabins

Insulated log cabins

Log cabins are relatively warm compared with other gardens buildings - our twinskins have cavities in the roof, walls and floor where various insulation materials can be inserted (we can offer 3 standard insulation specifications - anything from a hobby room right up to comply with habitational UK building regs), if you want a truly all year round garden room, office or even a house then our twin skin log cabins are the best choice by far (they are also known as dual walled cabins).

  • This is a video of our twinskin Maidstone 4x4m log cabin being installed onto a concrete base previously laid by our customer. Fibreglass insulation kit is fitted to the roof, walls and floor for all round insulation making it usable throughout the year.

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What insulation do you need in your log cabin?

We offer various options with all of our cabins - suitable for everything from a garden games room (low level of insulation required) to garden offices (medium insulation values required). We use this for our own office in our showsite, with only a small amount of energy required to maintain a warm and comfortable working environment, even when sitting still for long periods of time.

We can custom build our cabins to any size, shape or design - our 50mm cavity walled twinskin is warmer than a house built in the '90s and can be upgraded to a 90mm insulated cavity to be as warm as the new houses being built today (this is equivalent to a solid single skin log wall of over 600mm! (Yes, this is not a typo - that is about 2ft thick)....So don't let other so called "log cabin experts" tell you that a 45mm single skin log cabin is so very warm - because it isn't!...They probably just say that because they don't offer anything else for sale that is warmer).