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Log Houses & Log Cabin Mobile Homes

Insulated Log Cabin Homes with Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

If you are thinking about living in a log cabin, we have a number of buildings to suit you which will comply with the relevant rules and regulations (both for strength and insulation) to be able to use them as fully residential log homes for all year permanent living. They comply with all relevant building regulations including SAP tests and air pressure testing.

BE WARNED! There are companies advertising residiential log cabins with "massive 70mm" wall logs - these cabins are nowhere near complying with any rules or regulations for a log cabin to sleep in (even with an insulated roof an floor). In fact they don't even meet BS3632 for a mobile home or caravan let alone any rules & regs for a permanent structure.

We also sell log cabin mobile homes, log cabin caravans and fully transportable log cabins to comply with the Caravan Act. We have standard models in the single storey section, but but we also sell steel chassis kits which then convert any of our standard garden log cabins into compliant mobile homes (some of our larger cabins may require slight changes to their design, which costs very little).

Log house insulation

Our log cabin houses are built using the same technology as our Twinskin cabins. They have roof, wall and floor insulation cavities, high quality windows and doors and can be made to be covered in any choice of roofing material (whether that be felt shingles, recycled rubber roof tiles, Onduvilla Roman style tiles or clay roof tiles). If you want to learn more about the best way to insulate log cabin houses, please click here.

If you are considering a 2 storey log house, you should first consult your local council as they are not temporary or mobile homes - they are permanent dwellings and will require full planning permission.