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The links below connect to the appropriate categories that contain the vast majority (but not all) of our popular garden buildings and log cabins for sale including corner log cabins - once you click into a category, the pager shows increasingly larger cabins as you scroll down the page. We have separated certain categories out on this page to make it easier to find them, i.e. corner log cabins, discounted log cabins on sale, etc. All of our cabins can also be supplied and fitted - the installation price is shown at the bottom of the extras list in each buildings sales listing.

Find your log cabin by size-

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Corner log cabins

Discounted log cabins

Further cabin categories can be seen in the left hand menu bar.

How to navigate our log cabin categories

If you are looking to buy a log cabin to a specific width then choose your desired width below for all log cabins suitable for your project. The size shown in the heading is the wall where the main entrance door is, regardless of the orientation in your garden or the direction of the ridge line (a 6x3m cabin has the doors in the 6m wall whereas in a 3x6m cabin they are located in the 3m wall). If you need help with your purchase do not hesitate to contact our showsite on 01403 888 222, we are open 7 days a week.

2.5m high log cabins for sale

Nearly all of our log cabins for sale are under 2.5 m high, making it possible to install your cabin within 2m of your boundary without requiring planning permission. If you are unsure of the rules, please see planning permission for outbuildings (external link). It is not possible to custom design some of our larger cabins as they have an apex roof (the wider the cabin, the taller it needs to be in order to have a meaningful pitch roof suitable for felt shingles). However, it is still possible to have a large cabin less than 2.5m high, but we would need to change the roof to a "pent" roof style (flat sloping roof) and therefore still keep it under 2.5 metres.

Log cabin installation service or self build?

We offer a nationwide installation service for all log cabins bought through Hortons Portable Buildings.. However they are also easy to build and ideal for DIY self-assembly, all of the tricky bits have already been done for you - pre-glazed and pre-hung doors and windows, all structural timbers,roof and floor boards are cut to length. If you are competent at DIY and are able to work logically to a set of parts lists, plans and instructions then our DIY log cabin kits will be ideal for you. Please ring our sales office on 01403 888222 if you need any further advice.
We have a large showground with many (but not limited to) log cabins on display for sale  please click here to see what we currently have for sale.

If you look at our various log cabin categories and are tempted to buy, one question that you may be wondering is - How easy are Hortons log cabins to build? You certainly don't need to be a qualified carpenter or installer (although do offer an installation service),  click here to see just how easy Hortons log cabins are to build (this is hosted on our main website - www.hortonsgroup.com, which will open in a new window).