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Lugarde Summerhouse Install Videos

Lugarde Prima System and Pro System Summerhouse installation videos

This page contains all of the installation videos you will need to install your Lugarde summerhouse, just choose the video/s below that are relevant to your building-

  • Pro system square garden building with a flat roof

  • Prima square PR17 summerhouse with a flat roof and canopy (built in our showsite)

  • Prima system pentagonal (corner summerhouse) with a hipped pyramid roof

  • Prima summerhouse (corner summerhouse) with a flat roof and canopy

  • Log cabins with flat roofs

  • Log cabins with apex roofs

  • Ceiling

  • Apex roof system for a Pro system summer house

  • Apex roof insulation (for all construction methods - Log cabin, Prima system & Pro sytem summerhouses)

  • EPDM rubber roof sheet installed onto a flat roof

  • EPDM rubber roof sheet installed onto a flat roof with roof insulation

  • Posts with an adjustable foot and pedestal (plinth skirting)

  • Double door installation

  • Window installation

  • Floor Installation

  • Floor insulation kit

  • Wall insulation

  • Mezzanine floor

The above summerhouse installation guides are generic guides which cover most eventualities, if you have a question related to something not covered then please give us a ring - we are happy to help.